Introductory Course

3 Private Lessons $99

All new students begin with the introductory program. This course is designed for you to decide if you enjoy the martial arts in general and whether you would like to continue studying at our school in particular. It also gives our instructors a chance to evaluate the best program for you on an ongoing basis.

In the introductory program we will cover a cross-section of material. We will introduce you to a variety of kicks, blocks, and self-defense techniques, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

At the conclusion of the introductory program you will be ready to enter into any of our regular martial arts classes.

Standard Course

Unlimited Classes for $140.00 per month.
(Half-price for each additional immediate family member)

Our standard course of study includes unlimited Martial Arts and Kickboxing classes each month.
These classes are broken up by belt rank and held at various times of each day with a limited number of participants. This allows our instructors to focus on your individual needs as the classes are small and belt specific.