BOK-FU is the “White Tiger” style of Kung Fu. It is a fighting style named after the rare white tiger. Bok-Fu is a fairly recent development in the art of fighting. This fighting system begins by emphasizing the practical aspects of the art. The Bok-Fu student learns to defend himself at the earliest stage of his training. This differs from the traditional method taught in the martial arts. Traditionally, the student is taught the basic kicks, strikes, and the form exercises called Katas, without emphasis on the practical or self-defense aspects of the art. The student is taught to repeat these Katas over and over again until he has mastered them to the satisfaction of his instructor. It is only then that the instructor begins teaching the practical applications for what he has been learning.

In contrast, the BOK-FU student initially receives instructions not only on the basic kicks, strikes, and Katas, but is also immediately taught self-defense techniques that utilize the kicks and strikes that he has learned. It is typical for a BOK-FU student to learn a self-defense technique in each training session. The Kata also plays an important role in the training of BOK-FU students. Traditionally, the Kata was a formal exercise that practiced simulated attacks, by one or more imaginary attackers, from different directions, and was met by defined counter attacks and defense techniques by the martial arts trainee. The BOK-FU student must master the very basics to the most complex of movements required in the Katas in order to advance to the different belts. BOK-FU, in its art form, displays one of the most beautiful expressions and control of the human body.

Open-hand fighting did not originate in one country only, but developed naturally in different places, as each people adapted himself to cope with the dangers of his environment. Various styles inevitably influenced one another as trade and politics brought these nations into with one another in peace and war. BOK-FU is an eclectic system of martial arts. It incorporates some of the best features of the various Japanese, Korean and Chinese fighting arts. You may see a BOK-FU student kicking in the Tae Kwon Do style and blocking with a soft hand blocks of the Chinese fighting arts. Depending upon the technique, BOK-FU can be like the linear movements that characterize the Japanese style or it can be the flowing circular movements of the Chinese style of fighting.

The art of BOK-FU incorporates some of the techniques that are found in Kempo Karate. Mr. Richard Lee, the founder of the East-West Karate Schools, in his many travels to the Far East, has acquired and developed various fighting techniques that have been incorporated into the Kempo style of fighting. This new system became BOK-FU.